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Plastic Duniya is a mobile based search engine for plastic industries globally which is made by the support of google's platform. Plastic Duniya is google licensed android developer company and making search engines by the guidelines of google.Our vision is to make a specific search engine for plastic industry and make is known as best resources for global plastic industry. PlasticDuniya brings a fresh perspective on search engine technology consulting to the market.

Global plastic industry is looking for mobile search engine as they all are connected with each other by their mobile phones. They can easily share their information with each other by using Plastic Duniya search engine.

PlasticDuniya searhc engine offers its customer with the necessary support to maximize their company efficiency and increase their profitability. These include Web-based technologies such as B4B Portal, Web Marketing, a co-working virtual executive, call center support, online marketing and a fast growing mobile search engine support that are critical to a customer's business on web and mobile media. We works with the companies providing turn-key B4B solutions at a cost effective way for small to mid-size establishments who need web business to be grow and get positive success without any technical burden. We are dedicated to providing professional services that are designed specifically to fulfill each of our client needs and their growth.

Our Mission
By the result of our survey to the market we come to the point that mid-scale production houses are facing a great problem to attending fake inquiries, which are generated by the B2B portals or Call Centers. Even they are having a big headache to maintain their online presence and maintaining their website. If this is true than we are on the right path.

Our Vision
We, the group of vast experienced people in various field has done the market survey and tailored a mobile application as per the current market needs. We have seen many loop holes in currently business providing companies eg; B2B portals, Web Site Developers, Call Centers or consultants. Since the mobile technology growth is at its extreme level in asian Region, we have developed a new mobile search engine for the global plastic industry.


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About is a latest technology based concept to provide business solution to global plastic industry. We are gathering buyer's information throughout the world and spreading it to our members via mobile and mail.

Our Mission

We are committed to give best business solution for manufacturing houses as well as small scale industries globally.

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